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The personal computer has become a ubiquitous productivity tool for companies and end users alike. Many employees can not function effectively without their PC. Unfortunately, personal computers have also become increasingly more complex to support and maintain. Check the hard drive of any standard personal computer and the probability of finding the productivity tools such as Microsoft or Lotus, email, connections to the Internet, ERP applications, and custom software unique to the company is enormous. Increasing complexity can make it difficult and time consuming for an internal Help Desk team to efficiency troubleshoot and resolve technical problems or user questions. Most internal help desks are plagued with staff turnover, a lack of broad application training, poor process and tracking procedures, and insufficient tools. If the help desk is perceived by employees as unresponsive or ineffective, no one wins:
  • The user loses productivity placing repeated calls to the help desk or other technical support groups, waiting for help, or worse, bringing in other users to help resolve the problem.
  • The Help Desk loses time on repetitive and routine requests, deflecting status requests, or trying to debug applications in which they are not well trained, and earns a reputation as the "helpless desk."
  • The CIO gets deluged with complaints.
  • And the business loses time, sales, and revenue.

Business Solution
The LJ Company Help Desk services redefine traditional help desks to minimize support costs and ensure high levels of user satisfaction, enhance productivity, and effectively use resources. The Help Desk services provide customers with:

  • Single Point of Accountability (SPOA) to eliminate multiple calls to the help desk. Help Desk personnel take ownership for resolving the problem. If they can't answer the question or provide a solution, they make the needed calls to network technicians, software specialists or field service, coordinating efforts until the ticket is closed. They keep the user informed of status.
  • Expanded Coverage to ensure that help is there 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Effective First Call Close Rate to minimize repeated calls, user downtime, and frustration.
  • Courteous and Knowledgeable Personnel to provide answers to routine questions quickly, help the user learn how to perform simple diagnostics and functions, understand the applications, and are able to identify effectively what resources are necessary to handle a problem.
  • Tracking and Reporting to give the IT manager the knowledge necessary to take preventive action. By tracking the type of calls and resolution, system, network, application and training problem trends can be identified and addressed. Building a knowledge base also enables the Help Desk personnel to share successful solutions for quicker resolution of problems.

The LJ Company delivers high quality user support and associated cost reductions by combining our highly trained personnel, certified processes, and in-depth experience with cutting edge help desk tools and technology. The LJ Company delivers:

Our People: Skilled and Stable Workforce
The Help Desk personnel have experience in supporting a wide range of operating systems, commercial off-the-shelf software, enterprise software such as SAP or PeopleSoft, and custom applications. The LJ Company can provide Tier 1 through Tier 3 levels of support depending on the customers needs. The Help Desk team currently supports hundreds of applications and continually upgrades the team's knowledge of new applications, technology, and problem resolution skills by investing in ongoing training. This commitment to training and The LJ Company employee-owner culture has produced one of the best retention rates in the industry. The ability to retain experienced, well-trained personnel, who become familiar with customer's systems, people and business, creates consistent, high-quality application support.

Our Process: Defined and Refined for Continuous Improvement
The LJ Company has ISO 9001: 2000 certified procedures for all aspects of help desk and field support to ensure consistent quality and effective trouble resolution. Remote support is provided from the centralized North American Integrated Management Center. The team handles everything from running the most popular applications to resolving software and hardware failures. With each new customer, The LJ Company establishes specific Service Level Agreements tailored to the customer's business. These Service Level Agreements define what services are provided, the level of service, and escalation procedures. Calls for each customer are tracked and reported against these Service Level Agreements. The customer-specific results are reviewed on an ongoing basis by a dedicated account manager and the customer to assess how continuous improvement in service can be achieved.

Our Tools: Best-in-class Technology
The LJ Company integrates Help Desk services into the overall infrastructure design and management of the business enterprise. This integration extends problem resolution beyond software issues to encompass equipment, systems, and network components. The LJ Company has demonstrated a proven commitment to deploying next-generation applications and hardware for remote monitoring and employing proactive and preventive system management. We use automated call distribution, call tracking systems, scripting and knowledge tools to effectively handle calls and resolve problems.

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