Computer Services

Client Application Installation: The LJ Company will assist you in installing your client-server architecture in order to more effectively network your business.

Antivirus Solutions: Many of today's viruses are created by hackers in order to infect millions of networks and individual computers.  Protecting your equipment with the appropriate Antivirus solutions is imperative.  The LJ Company and its partners will assess your business' needs and equip your computers with the comprehensive Antivirus programs.

User Training: The LJ Company will provide you and your staff with specialized product training in order to insure a uniform staff understanding of your IT capabilities.  This will increase productivity while equipping the staff to better utilize your systems.

Hardware Support: The LJ Company provides solutions for various hardware issues, questions, and concerns, giving you a valuable source for information and trouble-shooting.

Employee Moves/Set-up: When you have a new employee coming in, or moving to a new site, we can help you set-up their station and get them appropriately networked quickly.

Help Desk Support: The LJ Company will provide a scalable, customizable, easy-to-use solution for any IT tracking need.  We will insure your information is easily installed on any standard web server, is compatible with all ODBC compliant databases, and can be accessed by any internet or intranet enabled platform - regardless of OS - from anywhere in the world.

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